Kenna L. Williams


Kenna L Williams, LLC was founded by Ms. Williams in 2017 by force! For years, she conducted the infamous trademarked Dubai Blackout trips as a hobby but friends convinced her to turn her passion of showing people the world into something greater to inspire others to travel. Ms. Williams is known in travel circles as the creator of the trademarked phrase #BookDatIsht and one of the survivors of the Panama 13 accident of 2015. She has been featured in Essence magazine, Huffington Post and various travel blogs/outlets.  Ms. Williams is an aerospace engineer by degree but her real passion is exploration as she is a descendant of the explorer Matthew Henson. Ms. Williams hosts several group trips throughout the year and she also provides travel consulting and planning plus private hire. Contact her today for information on any of the upcoming group trips or for consultation services.

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Featured Testimonials

Honestly this is one of the best trips I've ever been on. I lived in Panama as a child. Going on this trip I learned so much about this country that I didn't know prior... Had a great time @MerkTheWorld

Darius Merkison
Dubai Sand Dunes! We called on Jesus cause those Sand Dunes were vicious!!! “Lets go dune bash in the Arabian Desert with a few cousins!” she said. “I’ve got access to some SUVs she said.” Look at God! 57 FULL SUVs took over the desert.

Simply Ebony